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Maria Casino - Get up 50 Free Super Spins on Mega Fortune!

14.09.11 22:31 by FreeSpin

Get up 50 Free Super Spins on Mega Fortune!
Live the life of luxury – Mega Fortune Jackpot is now over £8,900,000

Love to get up to 50 Free Spins on Mega Fortune? Well, It’s easy. Simply play on Mega Fortune between Friday the 9th September and Thursday the 15th Septemberand you could be in for a special treat!

Play for £10 and get 10 free spins, play for £25 and get 25 free spins or …

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CarlosPalace - Get up 50 Free Super Spins on Mega Fortune!

14.09.11 22:18 by FreeSpin

PKR REVIEW Mega_fortune_article_image_59


Get up 50 Free Super Spins on Mega Fortune!

Live the life of luxury – Mega Fortune Jackpot is now over £8,900,000
Love to get up to 50 Free Spins on Mega Fortune? Well, It’s easy. …

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NoIQ Casino - Robin Hood Special promotions!

14.09.11 13:51 by FreeSpin

PKR REVIEW Noiq_RH_500x166_1700Draw

Robin Hood Special promotions!

€2500 Tournament

Finally it’s here! The long awaited arrival of the Robin Hood slot
machine is here and to get you on your way to start stealing from the
rich and give to the poor, we are running 2 great promotions this week
here at First of all we will be …

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EverestPoker - DailyGrand: Win your share of $30,000 with 30 daily $1,000 freerolls!

13.09.11 21:07 by FreeSpin

PKR REVIEW Everestpoker-dailygrand-300x92

Daily GrandPKR REVIEW WEE6U2FsdGVkX1-ROMe89NvWkQJ-QVnrBTS0fmm-bb6PzD@gWIUBhZl9WJqwnNnsOv57DRKRAtj0cLS-XXT3dD3WLg==

Win your share of $30,000 with 30 daily $1,000 freerolls!

You’ve got 30 chances to win big! Your first deposit with us gets you access to a $1,000 freeroll

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NogaBet - 100% up to €500 Bonus

13.09.11 7:30 by FreeSpin


Join NOGABET today and you can benefit from receiving 100% up to €500 Free on your very first deposit.

This bankroll boosting bonus means more fun in any of our games.
This is a great opportunity to increase your chance of winning BIG!

1. This promotion is only available to new players - and will only be awarded on first casino …

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Casino-On-Net - 50 free spins or 50€ bonus

08.09.11 17:34 by FreeSpin

Love Sport? Come and score more with every deposit!

At Casino-on-Net sports are good for you and your wallet! Get sporty this September with a sensational casino sports offer!

You call the shots; choose one of these two amazing offers on every deposit you make until 22/09/2011

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Get $50 bonus to play any …

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Redbet Casino - September Bonus + Free spins

08.09.11 3:36 by FreeSpin

PKR REVIEW Redbet-september-bonus-300x116
Choose one of our welcome bonuses Redbet Casino
To get the deposit bonus simply enter the code when you transfer your balance to Casino:

  • 100% do 100€ + 20 free spins - Bonus Code Red1

  • 100% do 200€ - Bonus Code Red2

  • 50% do 100€ + 50 free spins - Bonus code Red3


  1. To claim your …
  2. [/img(300,116):5573]

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WhiteBet - 3 Bonuses + 50 free spins

06.09.11 22:39 by FreeSpin

PKR REVIEW Whitebet-300x151

Choose one of our welcome bonuses

To get the deposit bonus simply enter the code when you transfer your balance to Casino:

PKR REVIEW Whitebet-bonus1

  • Bonus 100%

Up to 100€ + 20 free spins

Bonus Code: wbet1

  • Bonus 100%

Up to 200€

Bonus Code: wbet2


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Paf Casino goes gadget crazy

05.09.11 13:04 by FreeSpin

PKR REVIEW Paf-casino-gadget-300x67

Paf goes gadget crazy

Win new gadget every day

has gone completely crazy – for gadgets! We are giving away a
”must-have” gadget to make everyday life a little more simple and fun.
Sign up for the competition during the period 5 September – 11 September
2011 and play for 5 euros and play …

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Post  FreeSpin on 22.06.11 10:37

Overall: 4.5/5

The goal of PKR is simple: advance the visual experience of online poker. This site does provide a significant improvement in terms of realistic 3-D software and the ability to actually create a personality at the table. Players can choose their facial structure, hair style, clothing, and other external visuals of their avatar. At the table, you can clap your hands, cry over a bad beat, or egg your opponents into a call. You can move the camera around the table at will and the graphics really are extremely detailed.

PKR has drawn some criticism for not being friendly to hardcore multi-table taskmasters and my response to that is, “So what?” As I always stress to new players, you need to examine your priorities before choosing an online poker site. If you don’t need to tile 4 tables around your screen and play 300 hands per hour but do value things like visual experience, realism, and creating a customizable character, PKR should be one of your top considerations.

While playability and, ultimately, your win rate are of paramount importance PKR provides a change in scenery and a unique experience that is so difficult to find in the current online poker industry. You can even exchange some of your PKR Points for the ability to have your actual face rendered onto your avatar. I’ve had a lot of fun at this site if only for the ability to give a thumbs-up to my opponents before I call their all-in reraise with quads.

In terms of traffic, PKR has really become one of the fastest growing international rooms with tournaments and ring games are growing at a steady pace. The bonus offerings are also strong with both a 100% initial deposit bonus for our new players as well as a 100% reload bonus. For larger players with sizable bankrolls, the $800 initial bonus cap is one of the largest online. Despite not accepting US players, PKR is a unique poker site that will please users looking for a more realistic customizable visual experience.

Bonus (100% up to $800 and 1,500 PKR Points) and Promotions: 4.5/5

One of the benefits of trying out a newer poker room like PKR is the larger initial deposit bonus compared to larger sites. Our new players receive an increased offer of up to $800 free at a 100% bonus rate. Please note that players must sign up via our links or use PKR bonus code PKRNEW in order to qualify for this exclusive bonus. By signing up through our site you're also guaranteed a 100% reload bonus good up to $600.

Bonuses are released by earning PKR Points through ring games and tournaments. As the number of Points dispersed depends on the rake taken for each hand, larger limits will obviously earn Points at a faster rate. The maximum number of PKR Points per hand is 300, representing the $3.00 maximum rake, and each player gets 1 Point per cent of rake that they personally contributed. For each $1 of bonus players need to each 225 PKR Points. Playing at shorthanded medium-stakes tables I found it easy to earn about $3-4 per hour per table, which is fairly high compared to many poker rooms.

In addition to the cash bonus, our new PKR players also receive a free entry into a weekly $1,000 new player freeroll, 6 tickets to other premium freerolls, and 1,500 free PKR Points. Even though the actual value of the extra bonus pieces may be small compared to the cash bonus it goes a long way towards making new players feel that their business is appreciated.

Besides the deposit bonus PKR does have a strong promotional system based on the Club PKR system. It is a tiered system similar to other poker rooms that allows you access to more features as your earn more points. However, what really sets this system apart is the lack of monthly playing requirements. Once you earn a certain number of points you permanently stay at the higher level. This is an excellent idea that I'd like to see other poker rooms follow. PKR also has a substantial player store for exchanging points for merchandise. Overall, the combination of the sizable deposit bonus with the extra perks and permanent loyalty levels puts PKR in the top tier of promotional systems.

Fish: 4/5

While I mostly reserve judgment on ranking the number of fish at a new site without lots of traffic, my initial impression is that PKR is a loose site. At the lower limits, tables can reach up to 50x the big blind in average pot sizes. I feel that software has a significant effect on the looseness of the tables. If it feels slow and stiff, that will probably correspond to tighter tables. At PKR, there are so many things to do and look at besides wait for your next hand to come around.

With so many fun distractions at I think that players pay less attention to their cards and gamble more. It's simply more exciting to play a hand for a big pot than fold and wait around patiently. The PKR software is centered around trying to create a fun immersive experience full of action. I expect that grinders look to eke out hourly profits quickly look to faster no-frills poker rooms. In my experiences at the PKR tables, you'll typically find a looser and less stuffy (i.e. tight) overall player base.

Tournaments: 4/5

While substantial tournament were especially lacking at the initial launch of PKR, the player traffic has really been improving as of recent months. These days you'll find multiple tournaments going every hour with multiple daily guaranteed events. While the scale of these events won't compare to the tournament site heavyweights the advantages of smaller fields include less players to go through, of course, as well as a smaller time commitment. This is a plus for casual players that don't have 3 or more hours to commit to tournaments.

The largest daily tournaments at PKR include a $12,500 guaranteed event evening at 19:30 and a unique nightly $10,000 guaranteed event at 20:00. The latter is what PKR calls a Double Chance tournament in which players can divide their stack for multiple chances or use all of it on any given hand. I like this idea as it cuts down on early bad beats costing players their entire investment. A $50,000 guarantee takes place every Sunday and is a good choice for low-bankroll players at a $65 buy-in. The last Saturday of the month brings a $100,000 guarantee with a $250 buy-in.

Sit and Go tournaments are also popular at most stakes with tables filling up within a few minutes. PKR also holds about 10 daily freerolls with the best events requiring player points to buy in with. By restricting entries, this helps to keep the field smaller and the prizes larger. While PKR isn't a tournament powerhouse yet, they have been heading in the right direction with larger guaranteed events and unique structures.

Software: 5/5

There have been several startup poker sites in the past few years who have failed the really add anything different to online poker and thus cannot compete with the established poker rooms. PKR has succeeded because it is truly revolutionary in at least one major feature: their software. They’re really the first online poker site to come to fruition that actually offers graphics in line with the HD era. PKR management also seems motivated to keep the software from becoming stale over the years. They've recently released an upgrade that improves multi-table functions and overhauls the graphics engine.

I was very impressed by my first experience with the software as the graphics are truly light years beyond anything else available for real money right now. Instead of feeling the need to open another window to keep me entertained during extended playing sessions, I can have fun dabbling with the software instead. With that, let’s take you inside PKR and have a detailed look at the software:

-Advanced 3-D rendering, shadows, and detailed textures
-Customizable avatar facial structure, skin tone, hair color, eye color, etc.
-Customizable clothing, jewelry, and accessories
-Moveable camera, multiple camera modes
-Highly detailed background environments
-Avatars physically act out desired actions (i.e. cry, cheer, dance, boo)

-Character voices (some might enjoy this, but I found it a bit annoying)
-Having to manually look at your cards (this is realistic but can be frustrating, so I recommend setting the software to “Auto Look” to automatically check your cards. They may remove the manual card-checking in the future.)

Instead of the utilitarian software that is industry-standard for online poker play, the PKR software is as advanced as popular poker video games with a few extra (and fun) features. The graphics are superb, and it really does make the game more realistic and more enjoyable at times.

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